Take Your Relationship From Surviving to Thriving

Let Couples Therapy be the Change Agent

In couples therapy we learn…

Communication ‐ what, when, where, why & how to say what you need to say

Repairing the Wound‐ through various techniques

Mending Broken Hearts surviving after the affair

Reparation ‐Rebuilding Trust (this is the hardest and longest task to accomplish)

Reconciliation – sustaining the relationship

Rendering – with Love…ending with love and consideration for all involved

Learning & Developing new ways of connecting

Gathering TOOLS for a Thriving Relationship

To Heal and Grow

Living in a conscious marriage means Living with Intention.

~Leslie C Mongelluzzi

In a safe, open and supportive setting we explore ways to change and move relationships to the highest level of functioning. According to Thich Nhat Hanh, a well known Peace Activist, he suggests that when another person makes you suffer, it is because they suffer deeply within themselves, and their suffering is spilling over. They do not need to be punished; rather they need help. That is the message the person who inflicted the pain is sending.

Many individuals might find this difficult to digest, because usually when someone is in the midst of their pain-forgiveness and letting go seems like an impossible task. To suspend the pain and bring the attention back onto the matter at hand is where the growth is at. Most couples suffer from a break-down in communication, some from faulty thinking (beliefs that have followed from childhood) and those that become rooted in behaviors that are most definitely leading to the destruction of the dyad. Couples therapy allows couples to go from unconscious processes to a conscious marriage.