About Leslie C Mongelluzzi

I’m Leslie C Mongelluzzi, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Cleveland, Ohio and the CEO and founder of No Limits 4 Life.

I have been dedicated since 1987 to the development of others’ personal growth through working with couples, families, groups/seminars and individuals.

My specialty is couples-relationships.  My expertise is working closely with the couple to create trust, as well as an understanding of what is needed in the connection that would solidify a stronger bond. Trust is one of the main reasons couples struggle with maintaining their connection.  Repairing hurts and wounds can often times be overwhelming and confusing. However, it can also be an opportunity for growth and change necessary to reach one’s fullest potential. I offer a safe and open setting. Each session is geared to learn the tools that have been proven to create a healthy relationship and live a life that is in attunement with others.

Leslie Cuva Mongelluzzi, MA, LMFT, has dedicated over thirty years to the development of others’ personal growth.  A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist in both California and Ohio, as well as a Board Certified Coach, she is currently working in private practice. Leslie’s primary focus is working with Couples/Relationships.

As a Marriage Family Therapist she began her career in 1987, as a clinical psychotherapist in Southern California working at Orange County Health Care Agency.  Leslie worked in the field of Addictions providing therapy to individuals, family and groups. She was instrumental in developing treatment programs for recovery, relapse prevention and diversion programs. In 1990, she was selected as one of the primary clinicians for the Claudia Black Unit in Cerritos, California-specializing in addictions, abuse and early childhood trauma from painful family systems.

In 1993, Leslie became the founder and owner of the Center for Expressive Psychotherapy in Irvine, California; here she continued to work in private practice as a psychotherapist, educator, coach and author until 2007.  The majority of her work was with couples, groups and providing intensive seminars.

In 2007, she relocated her family and private practice to the mid-west. At which point she expanded her practice and offered both coaching and psychotherapy. Utilizing Positive Psychology and a holistic approach with her clients, she became even more vested in bringing together her years of practicing traditional psychotherapy and blending it with an approach that empowers the client into transformation.

Leslie is the CEO and founder of No Limits 4 Life Inc, established in 2014 as a consultation firm that provides clients an opportunity for growth and change necessary to reach their fullest potential. Leslie encourages her client’s to embrace a positive mindset, create healthy relationships and live a life that is in attunement with one’s truth.  She offers a setting that is safe, open and geared toward productivity.

Her favorite quote is “Intention is Choice with Commitment”.